Chicken & Rice With Rosemary, Garlic And Basil

We got SNOW today! I couldn't believe it....snow in was beautiful! I thought this dish would be the perfect meal on a cold, snowy day. Growing up, this was always one of my favorite things my Mom made...she still makes it every once in a while. It's a "comfort food" in my book!
I took my Mom's recipe and jazzed it up a little by adding some herbs and garlic. I didn't really measure a single thing while making this. I just eye-balled all the ingredients, so please feel free to do the same....adding more or less of whatever you like. The finished product was really, really good though. Here's what I did:

Ingredients:1 Whole Chicken, small3-4 cups Chicken Broth3-4 cups waterExtra virgin olive oil (E.V.O.O.)1 tbsp. Fresh Rosemary, choppedBasil, dried2-3 tbsp. Garlic, minced2 cups riceSalt & Pepper for seasoning
Directions:Remove skin from chicken and rinse. Place chicken in slow-cooker. Add chicken broth and water. There should be enough liquid to cover about 2/3 of the chicken. Coat top of chicken with E.V.O.O. Sprinkle garlic, fresh rosemary, and basil on and around chicken. Cook chicken on high for about 5 hours. The chicken should fall apart very easily when it's finished cooking.
Next, separate chicken from the broth mixture, placing chicken pieces in a large bowl. Strain the remaining broth mixture, saving all broth. Straining the broth will ensure no small bones are left in the broth. Put about 4 cups of strained broth back into slow-cooker.
Shred chicken and add back into slow-cooker also. Add 2 cups rice. Check the slow-cooker often, stirring each time. You will probably have to add more broth while the rice finishes cooking. When rice is tender, the dish is done! Season with salt & pepper if needed.